SAP Solution Manager in Hemofarm

Author: mr Zoran Popović
SAP Certified Technology Professional / NW 7.0
Senior System Engineer; Hemofarm SPiK

SAP Implementation Supported by  SAP  Solution Manager

SAP implementation in Hemofarm had begun by the beginning of April 2nd in year 2005, with the installation of ERP 2004 IDES and Solution Manager 3.2 systems. This implementation had implied highly ambitious goals: three-tiered (D, Q, P – development, Q&A test, production) landscape which consists od ERP and BI systems with all the modules of the legacy in-house information system being in use at the time (BI3.5, ECC5.0 SR2 modules: MM, WM, PP, FI, SD, LO, CO-PA, QM, PM, TM), except HR. Everything was supposed to be finished in 9 months, including data migration and extensive testing, and validation documentation which was the consequence of strict requirements of process manufacturing in pharmaceutical industry (GMP practice and CFR part 11 standards due to FDA and similar requirements). This wouldn't have been achieved without ASAP and Solution Manager. Implementation project contratctors (mainly IDS Scheer, beside Deloitte & Touche) have chosen SAP's ASAP  and Solution Manager as the basis of implementation methodology (beside other additional methodologies and tools, eg. ARIS).

The ASAP methodology covers the necessary project management, the configuration of business processes, testing and training aspects as well as technical implementation activities.

Solution Manager (SolMan) had been used as the main ASAP tool for project management, and also as central document repository for project and Q&A validation documentsby using it's functionalities like Project Administration and ASAP Roadmap. Beside that, other standard functionalities of Solution Manager were also used: EWA reporting, central point for SAP delivered services (e.g. GoingLive, Functional Upgrade and Preparation checks which are not charged additionally, being part of the methodology and were used successfully, ), Service Desk for internal ticketing, etc. It was also used in later roll-out projects.


SAP upgrade and new Solution Manager version

Optimisation project in year 2008-2009 in cooperation with Siemens involved upgrade of ERP (to ECC6.0 Ehp3) and BI landscape, and for purpose it was necessary to upgrade SolMan for several reasons, too. It was chosen to realize SolMan as a completely new  installation, having an overall excellent experience with LifeLine Consulting as subcontractor for that part. One of the more important reasons was the SAP SLM (Software Lifecycle Management) strategy which implies strictly mandatory usage of SAP Solution Manager‘s Maintenance Optimizer tool for Support Package Stacks for SAP ERP 6.0 (apart from other) released after April 2nd, 2007. The most important advantage of such an approach is the preparation of OCS levels according to SAP standards for all the needed components in the upgrade queue (altogether with Ehp3, which wouldn't be even possible any other way without MOPZ), which eliminates errors and shortens the time spent in preparations and implementation later. Beside that, new version of SolMan-a (7.0) offers many important functional enhancements and new functionalities.

Among new functionalities which were chosen to be implemented during upgrade project of  SolMan, these features were distiguished as the most important:

  1. Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ)
  2. System Monitoring, System Administration
  3. E-Learning Maps, Work Centers
  4. Existing functionalities which were improved:Solution Monitoring: Early Watch Alert (EWA) and System Monitoring

Further advance and future of Solution Manager system

In the mean time, an upgrade of SolMan system to 7.0Ehp1 version (SP18) was made, which also brought many new functionalities and features [5], and a later move to SP24. We have continued in-house implementation of centralized CCMS monitoring, started implementaion of Central Performance History (CPH), centralized auto-reactions, Service Level Reporting (SLR) for the basic system KPI.

It is expected in Hemofarm in the future to have successive implementation of other useful SolMan features, of which the most interesting are:

  1. improvement of ITIL/ITSM compliance aspects of work, above all through:
  2. centralized Change Management (ChaRM) which is the prerequsite for
  3. improvement of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and
  4. centralized management of partially automated Q&A testing
  5. Diagnostics: End-to-end Root Cause Analysis (E2E)
  6. further implementation of Service Desk
  7. Continuous ImprovementIssues, Top Issues, Top Issue Reporting 
  8. Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC) â€“ the planned implementation of HP Storage Essentials Performance Edition (SEPE) tool for monitoring of SAN FC and Storage infrastructure enables the usage of this very powerful SolMan tool for consolidation and automated system provisioning in the landscape (by preparing physical and virtual SAP instance templates, it is pssobiel to create new SAP instances by-the-click or automatically from Solution Manager, even dynamically if needed)
  9. Business Process Monitoring


SAP Solution Manager is the set of tools which irreplaceable for many reasons for any SAP customer, it is the part of standard support (it is not additionally licensed, except for few add-ons, eg. Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) and Service Desk extension (XT)), and it offers some features and functionalities which similar tools do not have. Hemofarm gained significant added value by SolMan, which represents important tool both for technical staff (and BC administration) and business users.



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