Change Request Management workshop with its practicum shows every change of documentation process regardless of being maintenance change or implementation change. All types of messages, i.e. urgent  SDHF, admin SDAD, normal SDMJ and test message SDTM are also elaborated.


More details can be found on below link;

CHARM Documents Types :: PNG File

The workshop usually last one day, and can be organized in client's facilities or remotely thru WeBEx service.


Further in the text please find the content of the workshop.

  1. Concurrent management and control of more than one project (e.g. maintenance (SDMN) and implementation (SDDV))
  2. CHARM Security
    1. Cross Sytem Object Lock (CSOL) advantages and disadvantages
    2. Critical transport objects
  3. Global development and preconditions for its realization . Global and local namespace and usage
  4. When and where to use R3 Parallel Phase Landscape
  5. Coping of transaction types in customer namespace ZDMJ
  6. Email notification and required CRM customization
  7. Retrofit and utilization:
    1. What is SDMN Repack, and what is SDDV Cut-over
    2. R3 satellite systems and roles for SDDV and SDMN projects (roles: source, target, production)
    3. Document work flow in implementation project (SDDV) and in maintenance project (SDMN)
    4. Document work flow in Retrofit procedure
  8. 4-eye principle Sarbanes-Oxley Act 


The below image demonstrates Retrofit functionalities thru the Parallel Phase Landscape

More details about the prices and schedules of future workshops please request via email.

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